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Friday, September 28, 2012

Palasapas Falls

palaspas falls - tourist sites
Palasapas falls is one of the tourist sites in San Jose City, Nueva Ecija. The falls was located in the Barrio of Manicla, San Jose City Nueva Ecija seven kilometers away from poblacion. The place was very fresh and very relaxing. It also gives ideal for picnics and bathing especially during summer period together with your love ones.

Tayabo Nature Park

tayabo nature park - tourist sites
Tayabo Nature Park -  Diamond Park

Tayabo Nature Park is located in Barangay Tayabo, San Jose City, Nueva Ecija . It is a man-made park and also for picnics and sight-seeing. It is a gateway to Cagayan Valley. It composed of Hundred Steps stair then at the top of it you can view the places and mountains that surrounds on it. It has a fresh air and also you can bring your love ones on the top of it. Even though it’s tiresome when you first experience to step on the hundred steps but after you reached the top, it’s so relaxing and seeing a stunning landscape make you feel fresh and happy. HEHEHE. There is also a river or we called it camp 4rth or also known as KAMPOKWATRO! It is located below in Tayabo Nature Park, where you can have bathing and picnics with your family or love ones. It looks like a falls but not totally a falls.
Besides the Hundred Steps stairs and Camp 4rth, there is also a playground for children and animals like monkey and bird. There are also a lot of trees around the places.
Tayabo Nature Park or also known as Diamond Park is one of the most tourist destinations in San Jose City, Nueva Ecija. This place is for everyone who wants to relax from their stress and also available for dating, family gathering and playing for kids. Come and visit the Tayabo Nature Park! Enjoy here! :-)

Welcome to San Jose City, Nuea Ecija

San Jose city - Tourists Places

Welcome to San Jose City - tourists places
Welcome to San Jose City, Nueva Ecija
Welcome to San Jose City, Nuea Ecija. San Jose City has a total land area of 186 sq. kms. It is divided into 38 barangays and most of barangays are rural areas. San Jose city is the 2nd largest in terms of population. Many of the people lives in san jose are ilocanos. Other cultural groups found in san jose are tagalogs, pangasinenses and kapampangans. Majority of the people are Roman Catholic. The main economy of san jose city is Agriculture, rice and onions are the main products of the farmers.
Under the leadership of Hon. Marivic Belena,her special focus was given to education, livelihood development , environmental regeneration and health care for the people.
San Jose City, Nueva Ecija is also a great place to travel because of its man made tourist spots, agricultural, man made products, fiesta and also the eco-tourism.
I made this blog for you! Just to see the most tourist sites in San Jose City, Nuea Ecija. Come and Visit the San Jose and I assure you that you enjoy your stay here!